Main Role

Technical UX Designer

Worked in EA SPORTS PGA TOUR. I work with visual scripting, and I am able to plan, wireframe, edit, and create new UI/HUD elements, components, and animations to improve the UX inside the game. I participated in all areas of the front-end of the title. I took part in brainstorming sessions, worked closely with software engineers, artists and designers.
Currently working as Associate Technical UX Designer at Electronic Arts.

Alternative Roles


I have been a Compliance & Certification Tester II at Electronic Arts for 2 years. Worked on Command & Conquer Remastered, It Takes Two, and Knockout City.

UX Research 

I have conducted small interviews and surveys for UX feedback in my past experiences. One result of this is Hear The Rain, a mobile game accessible for the visually impaired.


I have worked in other roles to a lesser extent in personal/group projects to improve my communication and tool set. I have tinkered with Game Design,
Production, and Sound Design

A little bit about me

As an UX Designer I love to learn, collaborate and experiment. I consider myself a hard working, rigorous, and flexible Designer, ready for challenges, and always eager to take ownership and gather feedback about my work. I consider myself a strong team player.
P.S: Accessibility is a must!

I studied a Game Design and Development degree + a course on Game and UX Design/Research. I have knowledge about both scripting and visual scripting. I worked with UnrealUnity, and proprietary engines. I enjoy adapting to new workflows, engines, and tools to improve my tool set!

I worked as UX Technical Designer on EA SPORTS PGA TOUR , and as CERT Tester II on Electronic Arts. This gives me a unique set of skills, combining the out-of-the-box thinking and rigorousness of a tester with the technical capabilities of a Technical Designer.
(P.S: I worked as a Designer for VR for a year too!)

Personally, I love to cook and roller skate. I am learning the bass! I try to watch/play a bit of everything, and games wise I always get lost in the worlds of Asymmetric gamesStrategy and Tactical Shooter titles.

If you want to know me better I would love to hear from you! :)

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Madrid, Spain